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Hydrafacial, Botox/Jeuveau, and Microneedling treatments now available to be booked online! Book a service or Free consultation with PA June C. today!  Get $50 off your first service!


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Real patient results. The after pictures were taken while the subjects had a full frown or raised their foreheads.  Individual results may vary. 

Note: Botox/Jeuveau injection can be done right after your eyelash/eyebrow service, or hydrafacial treatment! Make the most of your visit and get everything done in one go!

Why do facial lines form?

Repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, or raising eyebrows, smoking, drinking with straws, scrunching nose, and more all cause skin to furrow, gradually resulting in the formation of facial lines.


Neuromodulator/Neurotoxin (Botox/Jeuveau etc.) works beneath the surface and temporarily reduces the underlying muscle activity that causes moderate to severe:

·       Forehead wrinkles, crow's feet (lines around eyes), frown lines (lines in between eyebrows)

·       Smoker lines (vertical lines on upper lips, caused by smoking or using a straw)

·       Bunny lines (on the nose bridge, caused by scrunching nose)

·       Necklines​


Neuromodulator/Neurotoxin injection can also: 

·       lift up mouth corners (for a younger look)

·       correct gummy smile (too much gum tissue shows above the top teeth when smiling)

·       alleviate TMJ pain (by relaxing tense jaw muscles)

·       and more!

Original Price $12/unit

On sale for $9/unit. 

Total cost varies from patient to patient depending on how many units are needed. It will be discussed during the initial consultation before the actual injection. 

If you have low pain tolerance, a strong topical numbing agent can be applied for 30-40 mins prior to the injection to make it virtually PAINLESS

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Before and After Care


  • You would not be considered a candidate for Neuromodulator/Neurotoxin (Botox Cosmetic & Jeuveau) injection if you have any of the following:

  • Myasthenia Gravis

  • Allergy to Botulinum Toxin

  • Neuromuscular disorder

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Allergy to human albumin

Pre-Treatment instruction:

  • 7-10 days BEFORE TREATMENT:

  • Avoid taking aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Advil®, Motrin®, Nuprin®, Aleve®, Celebrex®, Fish oil, Ginko Biloba, St. John’s Wort and high doses of vitamin E for 7-10 days prior to procedure, as these may cause increased risk of bleeding and bruising at the treated site(s). Regular multi-vitamin and Tylenol® is permitted (If not contraindicated).

  • Sunburn skin is difficult to treat so avoid exposure to the sun.


  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for 24 hours prior to the procedure as this can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising at the treated site(s).

  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or the use of hair removal creams in the area(s) to be treated.


  • Take Tylenol® (if not contraindicated) 1 hour prior to your appointment to help with any pain you may have if you have concerns about discomfort.

  • If you have a low threshold for pain tolerance, please arrive 30 mins prior to your appointment time for us to apply topical numbing cream (lidocaine).

  • Eat a small meal or a snack before your appointment.

  • If possible, please remove any makeup before coming into the office. Apply moisturizer after makeup removal to prevent your skin from drying out. 

  • Always inform your doctor of all medications, including supplements you may be taking as well as your medical history.

Post-treatment care instruction

  1. Do not rub the injection area: The injection site should heal very quickly. However, rubbing the area where Botox/Jeuveau was injected can irritate it, prolonging redness and even causing bruising.

  • 2. Avoid lying on your face for at least four hours after your injections.

  • 3. Avoid strenuous activity/exercises for 48 hours after the injection: The facial expressions that go with strenuous activities can prevent Botox/Jeuveau from settling into your muscles and nerves correctly.

  • 4. Avoid alcohol for the next 48 hours after injection as it can thin your blood, increasing your risk for bleeding and bruising.

  • 5. You may apply makeup or other skincare products immediately after the injection.

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